Author Bios


20140718_131335Bobby Wren had way too difficult of a time writing this shitty bio (and taking her damn time!) By day Bobby wears the disguise of a normal office personality, while at night she shows her true nature–that of a lazy bum! BW’s desire is to continue to grow and learn about the world around her, to promote sex-positivity, educate about kinktasticness, and just become a more empathetic person overall. Something along those lines. (That will have to do.)

20140718_131324 Banal Hex is a health obsessed millennial. She hopes that some day, the vagina will be admired and afforded the privileges that penises take for granted. In a larger context, Banal enjoys examining the role of sex, gender, and prevailing beauty standards in the application of health care and the global health atmosphere. In her spare time, she enjoys loving on her fur baby, and like any other blogger, crafting and cooking.

20140718_131212Roy Glib has a long history of mostly doing nothing, interrupted by getting a Bachelor’s degree in English, employment at various retail dungeons, and beating Mewtwo at Pokemon Puzzle League on Super Hard. Other interruptions include exploring housing developments, bad sci-fi, and getting drunk on weekdays, but not in that order. Roy believes media has a strong influence on how people think and act, particularly in terms of women and identity, and that this influence can be used for good or evil.

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